2016 March Madness Update

Just one of the crazy moments from this years March Madness [Getty Images]

Just one of the crazy moments from this year’s March Madness tournament [Getty Images]

There is a reason it’s called March Madness. What a start to the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament! The play-in games, round of 64, round of 32, and sweet sixteen have provided viewers with an array of entertainment with many upsets, of which the most notable and shocking was Michigan State’s loss in the first round to Middle Tennessee. More than half of all of the brackets filled out in the ESPN Tournament Challenge had Michigan State going to the final four and 21% had them winning it all. Tonight, after the thrilling buzzer beaters and the utter dominance of some amazing basketball teams, the elite eight begins. We are left with some surprising teams, such as Notre Dame who have surprised many by making an unbelievable run, as well as Syracuse, who were a 10 seed coming into the tournament.  However, we also have the strongest teams in the nation represented, such as Kansas, UNC, and Villanova.  Who will emerge from the elite eight to move onto the coveted final four remains to be seen, however, no matter what happens, as always with this tournament, it will be an entertaining four games, and many more brackets will be busted.

By Alex Schnur



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