MLB Free Agency: Where will Yoenis Cespedes Land?


The Mets likely won’t pursue Yoenis Cespedes unless his price tag comes down, but other teams are in hot pursuit. [Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 begins, there are far more quality free agents still available than have been on the market in recent memory, if not ever. The annual Winter Meetings have come and gone without all of the star players finding their new teams. Many seem content to let their market settle and evolve, but some may see their price tag drop by waiting too long. Whatever happens remains to be seen, but here are the predictions for the landing spots for the top 10 remaining free agents on the market.


3. Yoenis Cespedes, OF


Best Fit: Los Angeles Angels

Obviously after the great run he had in 2015 with the New York Mets they represent the dream landing spot. However, they have been informed they are out of the running after being unable or unwilling to invest the money and/or years a player like Cespedes should demand. The Angels, however, represent the best realistic situation for Cespedes in order to advance his career. In LA he would be surrounded in the lineup by star hitters such as Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. Besides that the Angels have an obvious need both defensively and offensively in left field. Their left fielders last season could not muster enough offense or play quality defense to allow the Angels to remain serious contenders. As of now, the left fielder would be Daniel Nava. Nava has had very good times in his career. Most notably when he bat over .300 and won a championship with the Boston Red Sox. However, at this point he is more of a platoon or forth outfielder. Cespedes would give the team another star in the outfield.


Prediction: Chicago White Sox (6 years $155 Million)

The White Sox came into the star outfield market late in the game but are well positioned to land one of the power bats which remain. Cespedes seems like a logical target for many reasons. One of which is it seems as though they are right up in the bidding.

The White Sox have already had a great off-season and appear to be going all-in to get back on track and contend in the AL. Earlier this offseason they completely revamped their infield by acquiring Brett Lawrie from the Oakland Athletics for prospects and later acquiring all-star third-basemen and homerun derby champion, Todd Frazier. They join a lineup lead by first basemen Jose Abreu and outfielder Adam Eaton. With a pitching staff lead by Chris Sale and followed by young players with high upside, adding Cespedes could turn a good team into a championship team. This looks like not only a good match but a likely scenario.

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