MLB Pre Season Power Rankings: #28 Philadelphia Phillies

Projected Record:68-94 5th in the NL East 

Potential Lineup: 2B Hernandez #16, LF Kendrick #47 , CF Herrera #37, 3B Franco #7, RF Saunders #5 , 1B Joseph #19, C Rupp #29, SS Galvis #13, Pitcher

Potential Rotation: 1.Helickson #58, 2.Nola #27, 3.Buchholz #21, 4.Velasquez #28, 5.Eickhof #48

Potential Bullpen: CL Benoit #53, 8th Neris #50, 7th Gomez #46, Neshek #17, Rodriguez #63, Ramos #61, Gonzalez #52

Potential Bench: C Holloday #59 , IF Blanco #4, OF Altherr #9, OF/1B Nava #25

   The Phillies rebuild seems to have been going on forever. The Phillies began rebuilding way back in 2012 and still till this day are trying to get back to their glory days of the late 2000’s and early 2010’. Heading into 2017 there isn’t much promise for the Phillies. The Philadelphia offense finished dead last in runs scored year ago. The lone bright spots were Mikeal Franco who had another nice season hitting 25 Homers and knocking in 88 runs and Odubel Herrera who was named to his first all star team while batting .286, stealing 25 bases, and hitting 15 Home Runs. Other than that however there wasn’t much to cheer about for the Phillies offensively. To the Phillies credit they did bring in two veterans this offseason to hopefully help improve the offense in 2017. Those being Howie Kendrick who hit .255 for the Dodgers a year ago and Michael Saunders an all star in 2016 who batted .253 with 24 homers, and 57 RBI’s for the Blue Jays. With these additions along with Franco and Herrera the Phillies offense should at least improve a little bit from the MLB worst run scoring offense we saw in 2016. As for the starting rotation the Phillies finished just below average at 17th in starters ERA. The Phillies saw decent seasons out of former rookie of the year Jermy Helickson who pitched to a 3.71 ERA in his first year but other than that the Phillies rotation  under performed. Both Aaron Nola, and Vince Velasquez who had dominate spring trainings and looked to have big 2016’s had ERA’s over four so the hope of course is they show their great potential in 2017. Incase this does not happen the Phillies did add a veteran. This being long time Red Sox Clay Buchholz. Buchholz had a rough 2016 even getting moved to the bullpen but is just a year removed from a 2015 where he posted an ERA of 3.26 and made an opening day start for Boston. This means he can be a big x factor for the Phillies who will look to go from a slightly below average rotation to a slightly above average rotation in 2017. As for the bullpen the Phillies finished third worst in the majors in bullpen ERA. This isn’t looking to get much better however the Phillies did bring in a veteran closer. Joaquin Benoit who pitched to a 2.81 ERA  split between the Seattle and Toronto. He will look to anchor a fairly young Phillie bullpen that hopes to take steps to improvement in 2017. All in all the Phillies are still very much a team rebuilding and don’t stand much of a chance in 2017. Their only hope is that their rotation does so well that the lack of offense and ability to close out games isn’t a problem. This however isn’t feasible which is why it’ll be a long 2017 for the Phillies.

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After an all star 2016 season Odubel Herrera looks to be the Phillies next star player. (AP)



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