The 2019 Yankees (Updated for Stanton Trade)

The 2019 Yankees have been on the minds of Yankee fans ever since 2013 when the team really started to look weak. 2019 hasn’t rumored to be the year that will bring the Commissioner’s Trophy back to its rightful place, and bring baseball back to the city that never sleeps. There has been a load of speculation around the Yankees acquiring washington  Nationals slugger Bryce Harper in the 2018 offseason, as the Yankee originally were only going to be owing $45M to their payroll, leaving plenty of money for a Harper mega deal. However, the Bronx Bombers recently added the reigning NL MVP, Giancarlo Stanton, to their already elite lineup, which makes it seems that Harper will be out of the question in this coming offseason, as having both Stanton and Harper on mega contracts would be quite redundant, plus both their corner outfield spots are filled, sure there’s a DH but other holes on the team such as the starting rotation would probably appreciate the budget more. Anyway, let’s take a look at what the Yankees might look like come 2019 after the blockbuster Stanton deal.


Starting Rotation:

Ace: Luis Severino

#2: Sonny Gray

#3: Masahiro Tanaka

#4: Michael Fulmer, Gerrit Cole, or Patrick Corbin

#5: Jordan Montgomery or Chance Adams


Last Year Luis Severino had a stellar bounce-back year after wavering between the majors and minors, losing start after start and receiving heavy speculation from the fans, Sevy put together a year that placed him third in Cy Young award discussion only behind active greats, Corey Kluber and Chris Sale. He finished the year with 14 wins and a sub three ERA, he surely has more potential to reach and it will be exciting to see him pitch come April. Sonny gray has been solid for his new team after coming over in a trade with the Oakland Athletics and seems to always keep his team in the game, however he often falls victim to a lack of run support. Masahiro Tanaka has been a bust of the sorts for the Yankees as his 4.74 ERA isn’t quite worth the $22M the team pays him annually, after three slightly above average years for New York, this year he was quite sub-par racking up only 13 wins with 12 losses in 178.1 innings. Michael Fulmer, gerrit Cole and Patrick Corbin are all guys that the Yankees have been speculating this offseason. Fulmer and Cole are the aces of their respective staffs and are both on teams that don’t look too bright for the future, making them better targets. Corbin who has been with Arizona for several years has been impressive in his time in the majors, each of these three candidates would fit well in the Yankees staff. Jordan Montgomery was quite impressive this year, in his rookie year. He was often able to keep the team in every ballgame he pitched thanks to his 3.88 ERA, these statistics earned him 6 place in Rookie of the Year tallies. The top pitching pitching prospect currently being developed in the Yankee farm is Chance Adams. Chance Adams is a guy who has been impressive in the minors, he pitched in both AA and AAA this past year posting a 2.45 ERA, his potential in the majors seems to be steadily increasing. At 23 this guy is sure to be an important piece of the future for the bombers.


Catcher: Gary Sanchez


Gary Sanchez has nothing to prove coming into 2018. After posting a .278 average along with 30+ home runs and 90+ RBI, Sanchez has proven himself to be able to perform throughout an entire season rather than just 50 games. He has a lot of upside and if he can stay healthy for an entire year he has the potential to reach the 40 home run mark.


1st Base: Greg Bird


Besides being a fan favorite, greg Bird has shown the Yankees that he has a ton of power in his bat with some support from the short porch in Right Field. Along with this Bird showed he can step up in clutch situations as seen in the playoffs when he homered three times off of two of the best pitching staffs in the MLB. If Bird can stay healthy for an entire year he may be capable to breakout as a star of the league.


2nd Base: Gleyber Torres


Gleyber Torres is the Yankees #1 prospect. The organization has high hopes for this youngster, he is quite versatile and capable of playing third base as well as the middle infield. In 23 games playing for the Yankees AAA Affiliate Torres posted a .309 batting average with two home runs and sixteen RBI. There are many places Torres could fit into the Yankee lineup in the future and fans are excited to see where.


3rd Base: Manny Machado


Manny Machado could be a longshot for the Yankees after trading for the major contract of slugger Giancarlo Stanton, but Machado could be a worthwhile investment for the Yankees as they could use a solid player at third who can use the bat and the glove at an all star level. This past year Machado didn’t quite play to his standard which isn’t necessarily something to worry about as all it really means is his asking price is lower than normal. Machado is an MVP caliber talent who rarely fails to impress.




Left: Giancarlo Stanton

Center: Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier

Right: Aaron Judge


The Yankees outfield is certainly their centerpiece, with sluggers Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge leading the way, along veteran Brett Gardner guiding them through the grueling season, there’s no doubt they will be a force to be reckoned with. Combining for 111 home runs last year Stanton and Judge look to lead the way for the Bronx Bombers on their way to number 28. Veteran Brett Gardner has been with the organization since 2005 and has a winning attitude about him, he knows what it takes to get to the promised land and he know what it takes to win it, however he is getting up there in years and despite his increase in production in the last few years, every player slows down at some point and those days seem to be coming soon for the Yankee Outfielder, which means he’ll soon need a successor and Clint Frazier seems to be the prime candidate. Frazier impressed in his small stint in the majors in 2017 driving in 16 runs along with 4 homers, Frazier definitely has the potential to be a perennial all star in the majors and hopefully will smoothly receive the baton from Gardner.


Designated Hitter: Todd Frazier


After being traded to the Bronx at the deadline last year, Todd Frazier showed himself to be a large influence in the Yankees success, he’s a fan favorite due to his clutch moments in the playoffs and his founding of the thumbs down movement, Frazier will definitely be apart of the Yankees future.



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