Who Should Be the Yankees Fifth Starter?


A disappointed CC Sabathia [nymags.com]

A disappointed CC Sabathia [nymags.com]

NEW YORK-During this spring training Yankees players, fans, and coaches have all been content, but also had a couple questions. On

e of these questions is obviously, “How will the rotation look?, how many guys will we have in the rotation?” Most of these questions have been answered as we’ve gotten closer to the start of the season but a couple still remain, one of which is, “Who will be the fifth starter?” Now the Yankees rotation sits like this so far during this spring training: 1. Masahiro Tanaka, a guy who the Yankees need to be able to rely on and be able to trust to get at least 15 wins this year, he’s coming off recent surgery to remove a bone spur in his elbow and is hoping to have a bounce back year. 2. Michael Pineda, he is said to have a goal of at least 200 innings this year, and the Yankees are happy to be hearing that. He is someone who could definitely be a thorn in the shoe of opposing batters this year. 3. Nathan Eovaldi, 100 mph isn’t effective if you leave it up in the zone, if Eovaldi can control his fastball and have his curveball work well off of it he can be one of the most effective starters in the AL East this year. 4. Luis Severino, In his short stint he started 11 games winning 5 and losing 3 with an era of 3.03. Severino will definitely be dominant in the future, he just needs some time adapting to big league hitters. The options for #5 include:

-CC Sabathia: At 35 years old this big southpaw is on the decline of his career and has been for a short time now, CC hasn’t been able to keep his era under 4.00 in the past 3 years and been able to reach past 14 in that time. So really CC isn’t one of the Yankees best options

-Bryan Mitchell: Mitchell, a youngster who pitched around 30 innings for the team last year before a year ending injury. He had a subpar stint in the major leagues, only posting a 6.37 era while also allowing 37 hits. Mitchell still has potential but the Yankees will be much slower with his production than they have been in the past.



-Ivan Nova: Nova has been shaky throughout his time with the Yanks, Fans have hated loved and then immediately hated him again. He can create a lot of movement with his pitches but just seems non-reliable to the team, he can’t seem to win games consistently.


All in all the Yankees have options, but they aren’t great. Another option they could turn to could be the minor leagues, guys like; Tyler Olson, James Kaprielian, Mark Montgomery and so on, or they could turn to free agency or trades once the season starts, there is still hope for the Yankees in this category.



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