World Series Predictions: Cubs VS Indians

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Kris Bryant, and Andrew Miller both helped lead their teams to the fall classic. (SI)

Cleveland- It all begins tonight! A curse will end when the Cubs and Indians collide in the World Series. For the Cubs it is their first trip to the fall classic since 1945, and if they win it will be their first World Championship since 1908. For the Indians it will be their first World Series action since 1997. If the Indians should win it will be their first World Series title since 1948. Which Curse Ends? The FR Sports Team weighs in.

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With Schwarber returning as a designated hitter, he will add a spark to the offense that is needed, the offense is struggling just above the mendoza line average wise with .222, although they have had good power as they have hit 12 home runs and scored 48 runs in this postseason while the indians only have 27. Pitching wise both teams have good staffs, Cubs with Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks, Indians with Kluber and younger guys such as ryan merrit. Although the Indians do have a pitching edge due to their dominnat bullpen featuring star, Andrew Miller

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Even though all the attention has been towards Kyle Schwarber and the Cubs, one cannot overlook what the Cleveland has done this postseason. They have not just beat, but have dominated two of the best offenses in the league, going a whopping 7-1 against the Blue Jays and the Red Sox. They may not have many of the big names that the Cubs have like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, but the Indians also have a stable offense with players like Jason Kipnis, Francisco Lindor, and Mike Napoli. The depth of both the Indians rotation and bullpen will propel them in a well fought, 7 game series.

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As good as the Indians’ offense has been lately, the Cubs’ pitching has been just as good, if not better. When one pitcher hasn’t been very good, the other four have been there to pick up the slack. Unless the Indians find a way to channel their inner Steve Bartman, the Cubs should win the series in six games.

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The Cubs starting pitcher staff had a great season and an even better postseason. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks have pitched a combined 6 games and Jon Lester’s ERA has been 0.86 and Kyle Hendricks ERA has been 1.65. The Indians top two starting pitchers in the postseason are Corey Kluber, with an ERA with 0.96, and Josh Tomlin has had an ERA  of 2.53. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks have a combined ERA of 1.26, and Corey Kluber and Josh Tomlin have a combined ERA of 1.75. The Cubs starting pitchers will be able to shut down the Indians in 6 games.

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Andrew Miller and Corey Kluber

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Ohio can’t have that much luck

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Cubs have the advantage in terms of offense and starting pitching. Cleveland has a clear advantage in the bullpen. The Chicago Cubs are the heart of Chicago right now, and the momentum produced by the city will help the Cubs. How great of a story would it be for the Cubs to win it all in Chicago? Let’s go Cubs!

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In the end I feel like for once we have the two best team in baseball going at in the World Series. Not a Wild Card winner that caught fire, not a team that no one picked to get past the Division Series. Two very talented teams including one that won 103 games. With that said the team with the best pitching in the World Series both starting pitching and relief has the edge. The Indians have that edge. The team has only dropped one game in this postseason in great thanks to outstanding pitching from starters Corey Kluber, Josh Tomlin, and Ryan Merritt. The team will get one of their two missing pieces back as well in Carlos Carrasco. In the bullpen Andrew Miler took home ALCS MVP honors striking out 14 batters in 7.2 innings of work in the five game series win over the Blue Jays. The Indians have the hitting, and fielding to win. The Cubs certainly have the offense. Without a doubt they were the best hitting team in baseball this season. However in the NLCS they were shutout in back to back games by the Dodgers. If the Dodgers can shut the Cubs out. (Not discrediting Clayton Kershaw) the Indians sure can. The Indians pitching is just too much for the Cubs.

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The Chicago Cubs have broken a 71 year drought of reaching the world series, but the 108 year record will still stand by the end of this postseason. The Cleveland Indians, backed by outstanding management under Terry Francona and back end of the bullpen pitching with the likes of Andrew Miller and Cody Allen will secure the clubs first championship in the last 68 years. The Indians relievers, Miller and Allen will be the main factors as to why Cleveland will win the series in 6 games, especially since they have yet to give up a run in this postseason. The Cubs will have to wait one more year if they wish to win a title, since they won’t do it on Cleveland’s watch.



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