Would Yankees Trade Miller For Much Needed Starter?

With Spring training getting closer and closer, the Yankees have still not addressed their need for a starting pitcher. With the Yankees missing out on above average starters such as Greinke and Price, they might have to turn to a common enemy that lives across the city. With the Yankees in dire need of a starter and the Mets in dire need of an upgrade in the bullpen and in the lineup, it looks like the subway rivals can fulfill each other’s needs.

Will The Yankees Trade Andrew Miller? (NJ.COM)

Will The Yankees Trade Andrew Miller? (NJ.COM)

With Yankees recently traded for Aroldis Chapman who Joe Girardi recently announced will be the team’s closer, they have room to shop Miller and Betances. The Yankees would probably be more comfortable with shopping Miller, since he is older and Betances is in his prime age. The Yankees might be chopping off one of the heads of their three headed monster bullpen, but it’s only going to grow back. With the acquisition of either Wheeler or Matz, their getting a good six to seven innings instead of a miserable five innings. Miller wouldn’t be enough for an ace starter though. The Yankees would need to give up one part of their offense for their much needed quality starter. That player would presumably be Brett Gardner due to the signing of Aaron Hicks. Although Hicks role could be to fill in for Ellsbury due to potential injury, he would most likely replace Gardner due to trade. The more likely solution would be to replace Gardner because the Yankees have already tried to shop him to the Mariners, but ended up keeping him. Cashman also said this when asked about Hicks’ role on the team, “We think Aaron Hicks is an everyday player.”

Would The Mets trade one of their young starters for a closer like Andrew Miller? (johnstrubel.com)

Would The Mets trade one of their young starters for a closer like Andrew Miller?


On the other side of the city in Queens, the Mets need an upgrade in the pen and in the lineup. Just imagine if the Mets had a Betances or Miller on their past postseason roster. Miller would help fill the missing void of Clippard, who hasn’t resigned with the Mets. A Miller-Familia combo might not be as scary as the Miller-Betances combo, but it is still something to be worried about. Especially since the Mets starters can carry the team through at least 6 innings. On the offensive side, the Mets would probably be getting Gardner. The only problem with Gardner is that he doesn’t fit anywhere in the Mets lineup. The Mets already have an extremely good lead off man in Curtis Granderson. With Gardner’s .259 BA, the only place he could fit in the lineup would be batting second. Potentially, Mark Teixeira would be a better fit on the Mets. Teixeira hit .255, with 31 home runs last year while missing around the 50 games. Lucas Duda hit .244 with 27 home runs while playing around 20 more games then Teixeira, not including post season. The Yankees sending Teixeira to the Mets wouldn’t even impact their lineup because it the void would be filled by eventual superstar Greg Bird.





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