Should the Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony?


Melo & Porzingus

Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis have been the two most dynamic Knicks players this year, but are they meant to play together?

NEW YORK- There is a new energy flowing in the big apple.  With the entry of a 7’3” nineteen year old from Latvia, the whole aura around New York Knicks basketball has been shifted.  Kristaps Porzingis has given hope to a Knicks fan base that has been abused over the past ten years with a multitude of horrendous moves.  From the hiring of Isaiah Thomas, to the trade for Andrea Bargnani (which took away the Knicks 2016 draft pick), fans have been waiting since the retirement of Patrick Ewing for their team to establish a legitimate presence in the Eastern Conference.   But, this light at the end of the tunnel is still being blocked by one player, who goes by the name of Carmelo Anthony.  Fresh off a knee surgery, Anthony, 31, has looked rusty all year, and doesn’t seem to fit into the Knicks triangle offense.  He tends to dominate the ball, run down the shot clock, and take contested shots, exactly the opposite of what the high-tempoed Knicks are striving to become.  It is time for Carmelo Anthony to leave Madison Square Garden, thus beginning the era of Porzing-Sanity.  

It is not as easy as you may think to get rid of Anthony; his no-trade clause is a hindrance to his pool of suitors, and takes away any of the leverage that the Knicks may have had.  There are also only a few teams that could stay under the salary cap after taking on Carmelo’s massive $124 million dollar deal, while still proposing a legitimate trade.

There are two main teams which I could see Anthony being traded to, the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets.  The Celtics are the most sensible place for Anthony to go to– besides the fact that they are in the same division as the Knicks.  The Celtics are missing a marquee “go to” guy, which they could receive without having to give up the main core of their team.  The Knicks can demand a couple Celtics role players, (i.e. David Lee, Amir Johnson, Evan Turner) and Brooklyn’s first round pick, (belonging to Boston) which will probably end up being a top 10 pick.  Brooklyn is currently in 2nd to last place in the Eastern Conference, which means that their pick would have a legitimate chance to turn into the number one overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.    This would most likely turn into Ben Simmons.  A Simmons-Porzingis duo?  Deadly.

Realistically, the only other place Anthony could be traded to is the Houston Rockets.  They are a lot less likely of a destination though, considering the amount of moving parts that would have to take place for this trade.  However, if something happened to go through between these two teams, it would most likely be a mega-deal that could affect the entire league.  This could occur if the Rockets selected four out of the following six players to trade away: Ty Lawson, Patrick Beverley, Terrence Jones, Trevor Ariza, K.J McDaniels, and Corey Brewer.  Most combinations of these four players combined would match the salaries of both Jose Calderon and Carmelo Anthony, who the Rockets would receive.


Which scenario would you like as a Knicks fan? Comment below!

  1. Keep Carmelo and see what happens
  2. Trade Carmelo to Boston
  3. Trade Carmelo to Houston
  4. Trade Carmelo to another team

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