NFL Playoff Predictions 2015

Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis conversing on the field [ESPN]

The Panthers are still undefeated and have their eyes set on the Lombardi Trophy. [ESPN]

This year on the NFL has been a year of ups and downs for some teams, creating some fairly exciting divisional races. The playoff picture is sure to be filled with very strong teams that all have the same tenacity that a team needs to win.


AFC East: The New England Patriots will win the AFC East, just because they have lost their last two games does not mean they will lose their lead and here’s why: For the last two games the Patriots haven’t had their somewhat unsung heroes, Julian Edelman, Jamie Collins, Danny Amendola, and star Tight End Rob Gronkowski. With these players back in the starting lineups the Patriots will be back to their winning ways. Predicted Record: 13-3


AFC North: The Bengals have it wrapped up, throughout the season Andy Dalton Has had no trouble finding targets to throw, he’s thrown for 3,000+ yds, 25 TDs, and only a mere 6 INTs, although now that he is hurt it will be interesting to see how this team operates in the playoffs under backup quarterback AJ McCarron. But besides the passing game of the Bengals, the rushing game has also been strong. With a two man running game Giovani Bernard along with Jeremy Hill have put up some good numbers, Hill with 600+ total yds and 6 TDs, and Bernard with almost 1,000 total yds and 2 TDs. All in all this Cincinnati team has shown that they have strong playoff potential.

Predicted Record: 12-4


AFC West: The Denver Broncos have shown that they have the depth to get wins, and that will win them the AFC West. Watching Brock Osweiler for the past three games should have instilled some hope into Broncos fans as the season comes to a close they have had to rely on their backup Quarterback, who has put up decent if not good numbers, 800+ yds, 5 TDs, and 3 INTs. With Brock at the helm they may run the table in the playoffs.

Predicted Record 12-4


AFC South: This will be close, as both the Colts and Texans are teams with potential. Although the Colts will prevail. The Colts have had a strong passing game all year despite late season injuries to star quarterback Andrew Luck, when healthy Luck put up some fairly impressive numbers, 1,800+ yds, 15 TDs, and 12 INTs. Although it will be fun to see if backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck can bring them a Super Bowl win. Predicted Record: 9-7


AFC Wildcard Teams:

Jets: Predicted Record: 9-7

Chiefs: Predicted Record: 10-6


NFC East: This race has been close all year as the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles have been neck and neck for most of the time with the Cowboys trailing behind them. Although the team to emerge as champion of the division will be the Redskins. Mostly because they have the best matchups to end the season along with how Kirk Cousins has shown himself to be a decent quarterback, Kirk has thrown for 3,000+ yds, 17 TDs, 10 INTs. Predicted Record: 8-8


NFC West: The race has been claimed by the Cardinals it is clear that they have it wrapped up. This is mostly due to Carson Palmer’s great play. He has put up some good numbers throwing for 4,000 yds, 31 TDs, and only 9 INTs. It also helps that he’s had a great receiving core to throw to, with Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd leading the charge along with John Brown.

Predicted Record: 13-3


NFC North: As soon as Mike Mccarthy started calling the offensive plays again we have seen the packer’s woes disappear which tells many fans that they are in prime position to win the NFC North. Once again his season Aaron Rodgers has been dominant, throwing for 3,000+ yds, 28 TDs, and 5 INTs. But besides him the 2-back running game been strong with Eddie Lacy and James Starks, together they have over 1,600 yds. Predicted Record: 11-5


NFC South: The Carolina Panthers rolled through anyone who faced them this season, they’ve already clinched a playoff spot at 13-0 and a first round bye. CAm Newton has been amazing, but the defense really is the hero. The Carolina defense has 33 takeaways which leads the league along with 40 sacks and 932 total tackles. Predicted Record: 16-0


NFC Wildcard Teams:

Minnesota Vikings: Predicted Record: 10-6

Seattle Seahawks: Predicted Record: 11-5

                                                                            Playoff Bracket Predictions:

NFL Playoff Bracket

NFL Playoff Bracket



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