Super Bowl 50 Predictions: Carolina vs. Denver

Who will win: the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers? (Christian Peterson/Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO- The Super Bowl is just moments away and our writers have predicted what will happen in the big game. Read below to see what we think will happen and who we think will win. Check out our twitter for a live-tweet of the game.


Ben Michals: 23-17 Panthers

Cam Newton has done a great job all year of leading his team through adversity to a nearly perfect record. His athleticism and skill are incomparable to any quarterback we have seen. As league MVP he has lead his team this far and will lead his team to secure a Lombardi Trophy. Peyton Manning, in his last game, does not have the physical tools needed to succeed in the big game. Though the Broncos defense will put up a fight, they will not be able to stop Cam and will eventually lose.


Jake Montgomery: 27-21 Panthers

The panthers are going to win the Super Bowl. No team has looked as explosive in the post season as Ron Rivera’s Panthers. Lead by dabbing-King quarterback Cam Newton, and star linebacker Luke Keuchley, the panthers started of their post season going up 31-0 against the Seahawks. Then the Panthers faced the Arizona Cardinals who had a strong defense and a high powered offense, or so people thought. The Panthers went on to win that game 49-15. Cam Newton threw for 335 yards and 2 tds. Not only is Carolina’s offense firing on all cylinders, their defense is almost unstoppable. Josh Norman, Thomas Davis, Luke Keuchley, Charles Johnson, and Star Leutaleili helped the panthers finish the regular season with only 1 loss and gave Cam Newton the confidence he needed in the post season. Expect the Panthers to pressure Peyton Manning and force the Broncos to run the ball. Also expect cam newton to give the panthers the lead and exploit the Broncos defense with his arm and his legs. Prediction: 30-24 panthers win. cam newton dabs and hands out two footballs to fans. Jonathan Stewart and C.J. Anderson score a touchdown each. Manning throws 1 td and 2 picks. And Luke Keuchley wins MVP


Jimmy Doucette: 24-13 Panthers

Von miller and company will try to make Peyton Manning’s last game one to remember, but Cam Newton will have none of it. The Panthers offense won’t be as potent as it usually is, but it won’t matter. The Panthers defense will tear through the Bronco’s bad offense, and put a cap on their historic season. Luke Kuechly will be the Super Bowl MVP with two picks including one taken to the house.


Peter McDermott: 24-23 Panthers

Panthers win with a last second field goal. Broncos and Manning will show up against the Panther’s defense while the Broncos’ defense will hold Newton’s offense to just 21 points before the field goal. The Bronco’s defense will be key to this being a close game, but the offensive firepower of the Panthers will show up in the last drive. The Panther’s defense won’t do well stopping Peyton Manning who is hungry for his second ring, but will come through in the clutch.


Jack Carey: 26-20 Broncos in OT

The Denver defense will keep the game nice and close but the Broncos won’t be able to pull away as their offense isn’t very effective and the MVP Cam Newton may be slowed down, but nothing can stop him. The game will be a nail biter and I feel it will be the first Super Bowl to go to overtime. The Denver defense is the best I’ve ever seen and Cam Newton’s stellar night will end by throwing a pick-6 and Peyton Manning will ride off into the sunset.


Alex Schnur: 27-20 Panthers

The Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl. It is very rare that we see a team as dominant and explosive as the Panthers take over an NFL season, and if it wasn’t for one little slip up (which every team has to have) they have had a perfect season! The Denver Broncos have had their bright moments but they have not been consistent enough to show that they can win a Super Bowl. Cam Newton will lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl win.


Joe Magliocco: 32-20 Panthers

Super Bowl 50 will not be Peyton Manning’s last NFL game as he and the Broncos will get pummeled by the offensive explosion that is Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Although the Broncos will start scoring in the fourth quarter, it will be too little, too late, as Carolina will finally bring home a Super Bowl championship.


Nick Glass: 27-21 Panthers

Cam Newton has a great game with one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. Von Miller and the defense are unable to contain the athletic QB. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning will struggle under the pressure of the Panthers defense and his age will become a factor and they will have to resort to handing the ball off. C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman, though they will both have scores. In the end, Cam will produce and the panthers defense will shine to win the game.


Aaron Gershon: 24-20 Broncos

Two elite defenses square off but Denver’s defense is so underrated. They get no credit for how good they truly are. As well, Peyton Manning’s last game being a Super Bowl win sounds too good not to happen.


Thomas Benda: 21-17 Panthers

Simply put, Peyton Manning doesn’t have the arm strength to make the tight throws he’ll need to make, and Josh Norman will be able to capitalize. The game will be decided in the trenches. Aqib Talib and the Broncos secondary will make Carolina focus on running the ball, which they will do with relative success. Expect some scrambles from Cam Newton when all his passing options are shut down, and a big game from Jonathan Stewart.


Yoshimune Satake: 24-21 Broncos

Even though the Panthers did a great job during the regular season going 15-1, the #1 offense will be stopped by the #1 defense in the league. As we all know the #1 offense was crushed by the #1 defense 2 years ago. The offense sets the tone of the game and the defense determines the game. The game will be close. The key for the panthers is to protect Newton well. They should double up on Von Miller and Derek Wolfe. They will have huge impact. If they bring in too many blitz on the panthers, Newton will be either rushed or scramble and gain some yards. The Broncos should be aware of Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davos and Josh Norman. As a spectator I’m hoping to see the Broncos pulling off the win as Peyton Manning retires. This game will not be the same for the Broncos and Peyton Manning


Matt Collins: 27-17 Panthers

The Broncos have a great defense that’s capable of stopping the Panthers, however I don’t believe that the Broncos have the offensive ability to score enough points. Cam Newton has had an excellent year and deserved to be and was named the league MVP. I think he will once again carry his team tonight to a Super Bowl victory.


Matthew Weindling: 17-14 Broncos

The Broncos will win as Aqib Talib and Von Miller will be able to limit Cam Newton to just 14 points and the Denver offense, sparked by C.J. Anderson, will be able to pull out a victory.


Dylan Ellner: 26-17 Panthers

The Panther’s running game will have a big day rushing for a combined 3 touchdowns.


Jeffry Wan: 24-7 Panthers

There will be multiple long distance touchdowns for the Panthers and the big plays will propel them to victory.



FR Prediction: Panthers (11 votes Panthers- 4 votes Broncos)



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