The Super Bowl is Here

The Super Bowl is Here

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        There is one game of NFL football left until the long drought without it. However, it happens to be the biggest game of the season. The two highest scoring offenses in pro football going at it for a Lombardi trophy. Patriots seem to have the upper hand, as their defense is the number one scoring defense as well. However don’t underestimate that Falcons defense. They have improved by a lot since the beginning of the season and dominated Aaron Rodgers. I’m hoping for a high scoring Super Bowl, because deep touchdowns are fun to watch. I personally think the Patriots will win, which means Tom Brady will have five Super Bowl rings in seven appearances. Yup. Five for Seven. It’s unbelievable that a quarterback has made it to that many Super Bowls, but he couldn’t have done it without the brains. A.K.A, Bill Belichick. I could see a Falcons upset though, and I would like to see that happen. The Falcons have NEVER won a Superbowl and I like rooting for the underdogs. In fact I root for the biggest underdogs in the NFL, better known as the Cleveland Browns. My dad was born in Cleveland so I’m kind of screwed, but I get to root for amazing NBA and MLB teams so that’s alright. Anyways, if the Falcons win this Super Bowl it will prove why Matt Ryan deserved to be named league MVP. He has done amazing things for the Falcons this year, MUCH BETTER than what he showed us in last year’s second half of the season. If he can take down arguably one of the best defenses in pro football, he deserves MVP. I hope you all enjoy the big game, and to wrap up I think the Patriots win, but there is a great chance of a Falcons upset and I hope that happens.

Joey O’Donoghue



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