Which Quarterbacks will be Leading the NFL in 2020?

1: Cam Newton (Will be 31 years old)

Newton Scrambling [USAToday]

Newton Scrambling [USAToday]

Cam Newton has already shown the fans on the NFL that he is ready to lead a team, and other than that he has the best built body of any quarterback in the league. He is 6’5”, he weighs in at 245 lbs, runs a 4.6 40-yard dash and has particularly good throwing power. At the mere age of 26 Cam has won his first MVP award and has already taken a trip to the Super Bowl. If you give Cam more time to grow he will show more knowledge of the game and that’s really all he’s lacking.


2: Blake Bortles: (Will be 28 years old)



At a very young age Bortles has shown us that he can be a force to be reckoned with if he has good enough receivers and offensive line supporting him. Early in his career he has shown that he’s an aggressive thrower, as last year he threw 35 TDs while also throwing 18 INTs. At 6’5” and 231 lbs Bortles likes to stay in the pocket which draws a lot of comparison to future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who is still going strong. If Bortles can surround himself with better receivers and a better O-Line he will be a definite threat for opposing defenses in future years.


3: Aaron Rodgers: (Will be 37 years old)



Much like Brady I think Aaron Rodgers will be great until he retires, and due to the system that the Packers have he will always surrounded by talented receivers and O-Linemen that will help him games upon games. In the past Rodgers has shown us his genius, a couple Hail Mary passes, several game winning drives, 2 NFL MVPs, and even a Super Bowl MVP. I believe that Rodgers will continue to show his greatness all he needs at this point is a defense to back up his offense


4: Russell Wilson (Will be 32 years old)

Wilson readying to stiff arm Denver's Brandon Marshall [denverpost]

Wilson readying to stiff arm Denver’s Brandon Marshall [denverpost]

Wilson has shown himself to be great at times but also to be not so great at times. He has all the intangibles to Rule the NFL but a huge thing hindering him is his game sense. In the past he was lucky to have a guy like Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, because at sometimes he just couldn’t find the open man even if he was their. It’s evident that Wilson sometimes get tunnel vision on one receiver, maybe it’s Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse or someone else, but Wilson has a hard time getting the ball to the open man no matter who it is. Another branch of this tunnel vision is when he doesn’t want to to hand the ball of to the running back, an example of this is what many fans call the worst play call in the history of the game, in Super Bowl 49 when he threw an Interception on the two yard line instead of handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch which ended the game. Although, if given some time Russell can show that he’s still got juice in him and he can get back to the Super Bowl and win it.


5: Derek Carr (Will be 29 years old)

Carr slinging the ball [collegian.csufresno.edu]

Carr slinging the ball [collegian.csufresno.edu]

In his time spent in the league Carr has worked has had to work his way out of his Brother David’s looming shadow of doubt. Many NFL scouts judged Carr on David’s play which immediately deterred them, but at the time there was one who had nothing left to lose who did take him and that was the Oakland Raiders. THey drafted him with the 36th pick in the 2014 NFL draft. He was named the starter at the beginning of the 2015 season and didn’t disappoint the Raiders one bit, putting up 32 Tds with only 13 INTs, he showed that when surrounded by a talented receiver and an above average running back he can do some damage. Carr will definitely get better over over the years along with the ones growing around him.


Just Missed the Cut:

-Andy Dalton (33)

-Andrew Luck (31)

-Matthew Stafford (33)

-Teddy Bridgewater (28)

-Ryan Tannehill (32)



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