Will Cam Newton Win the NFL MVP?


Is Cam Newton the 2015 NFL MVP? [Rainier Ehrhardt/AP]

Charlotte, NC – Is Cam Newton the NFL’s MVP? The answer is yes… and no. In the traditional sense of the award, which is supposed to given to the Most Valuable Player, Cam Newton would win. He is absolutely the single most important player on the Panthers, and is the main reason they are 11-0 right now. However, in the NFL the MVP award almost always goes to the player with the most outstanding stat line. With a QBR of 58.5, Cam doesn’t look like he has a chance at the MVP award unless the Panthers finish the regular season undefeated.


In my opinion, Cam Newton has to be the NFL MVP because no other Quarterback does more with less. His wide receivers are Ted Ginn Jr. whose career season was with the Miami Dolphins in 2008 (that season he racked up 790 yards, 2 touchdowns and 5 fumbles), Corey Brown, Devin Funchess, Jerricho Cotchery and an injured Kelvin Benjamin. None of those receivers have any chance at making a Pro Bowl this year and Cam’s only reliable target this year has been Greg Olsen, who also has to fulfill his duties as a tight end and block from time to time.


Leading 2015 MVP Candidates

Player Passing Yards Completion Percentage Passing TDs Rushing Yards

(All Players, QBs)

Rushing TDs

(All Players, QBs)

Tom Brady 3,600 (1st) 65.2 (10th) 28 (1st) 28 (T-151, 30h) 2 (T-39, T-5) 4 (T-29) 67.5 (4th)
Cam Newton 2,466 (20th) 57.2 (29th) 20 (T-9th) 427 (T-32, 1st) 7 (T-3, 1st) 9 (T-13) 58.5 (20th)
Andy Dalton 2,971 (8th) 65.7 (8th) 25 (T-5th) 131 (81st, 14th) 2 (T-39, T-5) 6 (T-23) 73.1 (2nd)
Carson Palmer 3,337 (3rd) 63.8 (15th) 27 (2nd) 21 (170th, 36th) 1 (T-55, T-10) 9 (T-13) 82.1 (1st)


As seen in the table above, Cam doesn’t have the top tier passing stats to make himself the NFL MVP. Newton’s passing stats aren’t even Pro Bowl worthy, let alone worthy of being in the MVP discussion. However, he outclasses every single Quarterback in the NFL when it comes to rushing. His dual threat ability is second to none, and it affects defenses greatly because it forces them to constantly spy Cam Newton (no Goodell, not that kind of spying). The terrible passing stats could also be attributed to the aforementioned receiving corps that does just enough to get the job done.

Statistics also lie. While compiling all the data, I began to notice that Quarterbacks like Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown were consistently beating Cam Newton in passing statistics. Since nobody would really consider voting for Brian Hoyer over Cam, it’s easy to say that statistics shouldn’t be the only thing the voters look at.


Cam Newton has also been the clutchest Quarterback this year. The Panthers have had 5 games this year that have ended with the Panthers barely holding on and winning by one possession. This includes the Seattle game where Cam led an incredible game-winning drive that culminated in a 26 yard strike to Greg Olsen. Without these clutch performances, the Panthers wouldn’t be 11-0. The Panther’s offense is nothing without Cam. When he was injured in 2014 and replaced with Derek Anderson; the Panthers went 2-3, with both wins coming against Tampa Bay. Anderson also had the benefit of playing with Kelvin Benjamin, someone Cam probably wishes he had this year considering all the opportunities his receivers fail to capitalize on. Without any real offensive weapons outside of Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart, it is amazing how Cam has been able to drag the team through each week with a win.


I truly believe Cam Newton will win the MVP this year because of the glory that comes with being the Quarterback of the only undefeated team in the NFL. Brady is perhaps Cam’s closest competitor because the Patriots are generally seen as a superior team despite having lost last week against the Broncos. Tom Brady’s numbers have not been great enough to make this season stand out from his past seasons. The decline in numbers will result in Cam winning the MVP award because he perceivably does more with less than Brady. The Panthers are known for having a lackluster receiving corps while the Patriots offense has a history of dominance, and this year is no different. Brady’s numbers will certainly decline due to a lack of weapons and a lack of protection in the pocket.  Brady is the best player in the NFL but Cam Newton is the most valuable player to his team, and will win the MVP award.

(All stats courtesy of ESPN.com unless otherwise noted)



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