Champions League Final Stages Round 1 Second Legs (3/8/2016)

Champions League Final Stages Round 1 Second Legs (3/8/2016)


Real Madrid vs. Roma

Final Scores: 2-0 Real Madrid

Starting XIs:

Real Madrid – Navas, Marcelo, Pepe, Ramos, Danilo, Kroos, Casemiro, Modric, Ronaldo, Rodriguez, Bale

Roma – Szczesny, Digne, Manolas, Zukanovic, Florenzi, Keita, Pjanic, Perotti, Salah, El Shaarawy, Dzeko

Match Highlights:

37’ Yellow Card: Danilo (Real Madrid)

45+1’ Halftime Score: 0-0

46’ Substitution: (Roma) Off- Pjanic On- Vainqueur

61’ Substitution: (Real Madrid) Off- Bale On- Vazquez

64’ Goal: Ronaldo (Real Madrid) Score: 1-0 Real Madrid

68’ Goal: Rodriguez (Real Madrid) Score: 2-0 Real Madrid

74’ Substitution: (Roma) Off- El Shaarawy On- Totti

76’ Yellow Card: Zukanovic (Roma)

76’ Substitution: (Real Madrid) Off- Modric On- Rodriguez

84’ Substitution: (Real Madrid) Off- Casemiro On- Kovacic

86’ Substitution: (Roma) Off- Keita On- Maicon

90+3’ Final Score: 2-0 Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring the first goal of the game. []

James Rodriguez celebrates his goal to put Real Madrid up 4-0 on aggregate score. []

Wolfsburg vs. Gent

Final Scores: 1-0 Wolfsburg

Starting XIs:

Wolfsburg – Casteels, Trasch, Dante, Knoche, Rodríguez, Gustavo, Guilavogui, Draxler, Arnold, Schurrle, Kruse

Gent – Sels, Asare, Nielsen, Gershon, Rafinha, Matton, Neto, Kums, Dejaegere, Simon, Milicevic

Match Highlights:

45’ Halftime Score: 0-0

68’ Substitution: (Gent) Off- Matton On- Saief

70’ Substitution: (Gent) Off- Simon On- Coulibaly

74’ Goal: Schurrle (Wolfsburg) Score: 1-0 Wolfsburg

78’ Substitution: (Gent) Off- Rafinha On- Foket

78’ Substitution: (Wolfsburg) Off- Draxler On- Caligiuri

83’ Substitution: (Wolfsburg) Off- Arnold On- Vieirinha

89’ Substitution: (Wolfsburg) Off- Schurrle On- Schafer

90+3’ Final Score: 1-0 Wolfsburg


Schurrle (left) and Draxler (right) celebrate Schurrle’s goal to put Wolfsburg 4-2 up on aggregate. []



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