How Leicester are First in the Barclays Premier League


No one could one have predicted Leicester City to be the team atop the Premier League come January. [Getty Images]

This Premier League is closing in on holiday break, marking, roughly, the half way mark to a thrilling season, thanks to a complete surprise in first place. Not in one million years could one have predicted Leicester City to be the team atop the Premier League come January. A team that, last season, spent the most time in last place in history without being relegated to a lower division. Jamie Vardy has been the goal-scoring hero so far, scoring 15 goals, alongside Riyad Mahrez, claiming another 13, who also has assisted 7 goals. These two, undoubtedly, are the most dangerous duo in the BPL. The two were acquired by Leicester for a mere 1.4 million pounds. To put 1.4 million pounds into perspective, Eden Hazard,  a key attacking midfielder for Chelsea, last season’s victors, was purchased for 35.3 million. Romelu Lukaku, third in scoring in behind Vardy and Mahrez, was purchased for 28 million. And, Mesut Ozil, leader in assist, was purchased for 42.5 million. But, Leicester’s success has not been without aid from elsewhere on the pitch.

Players such as Albrighton, Drinkwater, Fuchs, Morgan, and Schmeichel, and countless others, are those who are necessities if Leicester hope to even remain in the top four. With Vardy and Mahrez at the point of the attack, Leicester are seemingly the most feared team in the league, and do not have many problems going forward. Even Okazaki and Ulloa have shown the capability to put in a shift, in the case of injuries. But, the only way Leicester can continue to win is through the consistent play of the rest of the squad. It is no doubt Mahrez and Vardy will continue to be involved in goals throughout the season, but these other players who go relatively unnoticed are key to Leicester’s success. Not, to say Vardy and Mahrez are normal or standard, but every top tier team is expected to have reliable attacking force. But very rarely does a team with so many unfamiliar names in the starting XI end up atop the premier league. These players have contributed in performance and attitude. The skipper, Wes Morgan, along with the manager, Claudio Ranieri, have pushed this team to success, and they will not stop, at least not from what we have witnessed so far.



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