No Dice For Matty Ice

Super Bowl LI has gotten plenty of well-deserved excitement, as it features the presumably two best teams in the National Football League (NFL) from the 2016 season, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams have had incredible playoff runs, the Patriots achieving this without the dangerous Rob Gronkowski. The […]

MLB: The MVPs From Each Team

There are many players in Major League Baseball (MLB) that have had excellent careers, and there are also those with bright futures. One thing that many people ask is who the very best players are. One way to figure that out is to determine who the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) on each […]

Stand Up For What’s Right

Colin Kaepernick. Four years ago, that name may have made one think something like: “He’s a good quarterback. He brought his team to the Super Bowl for the first time in twenty years. Good for him.” Today, that name will get very mixed responses. Some say that he is going above and […]