The 2019 Yankees (Updated for Stanton Trade)

The 2019 Yankees have been on the minds of Yankee fans ever since 2013 when the team really started to look weak. 2019 hasn’t rumored to be the year that will bring the Commissioner’s Trophy back to its rightful place, and bring baseball back to the city that never sleeps. There has […]

The Top 5 Shortstops of All Time

There have always been dominant shortstops in the game of baseball even since the creation of the MLB in 1903. There was always a sort of leadership that came with the roll of shortstop on the team. More often than not your team’s shortstop is the team captain, they are expected to […]

The 2019 New York Yankees

  The 2019 Yankees. This team has the potential to have an outstandingly powerful offense while also having one of the most vicious pitching staffs possible. With young bats and young arms this team could shape up to play like the World Champion 2016 Cubs.   Starting Pitching: Ace: Masahiro Tanaka #2: […]

Green Bay @ Tennessee Game Recap 11/13/16

NASHVILLE TN- The Packers were blown out on Sunday, 47-25. In the first quarter, Tennessee got off to a hot start with a 75-yard touchdown run from Demarco Murray. Early the Packers were down, and they would never catch up. Tennessee kept tacking it on as they eventually expanded their early lead to […]

The Biggest and Best Rivalry in Sports is About to Reignite

Both the Yankees and Red Sox made huge acquisitions in the offseason, and developed the players they already had. In this article I will be comparing the Yankees and Red Sox position by position giving grades and also showcasing each team’s top prospects. Starting Pitching: Yankees Rotation (Prediction): Masahiro Tanaka Michael Pineda […]

Who Should Be the Yankees Fifth Starter?

    NEW YORK-During this spring training Yankees players, fans, and coaches have all been content, but also had a couple questions. On e of these questions is obviously, “How will the rotation look?, how many guys will we have in the rotation?” Most of these questions have been answered as we’ve […]

Do the Packers Need to Resign Casey Hayward?

After having an exceptional rookie season, Casey Hayward has shown he’s has anything else up his sleeve. In 2012, his rookie season he had 6 INTs, a Forced Fumble, and 53 tackles. In the next 3 combined years he had only 3 INTs and 115 tackles, and his statistics aren’t the only […]

Is A-Rod HOF Worthy?

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Alex Rodriguez has put up great numbers over the years, but his past steroid use may set him back when the decision comes to send him to Cooperstown or not.         Rodriguez spent the entirety of the 2014 season at home due […]

Charles Woodson Career Recap

In 1997 Charles Woodson was attending the University of Michigan when he won the Heisman trophy. He made a name for himself as a lockdown corner, he was fast, versatile, and strong. The 1998 draft was one of the most action packed drafts with some of the best pro-bowl caliber talent players […]