How is the Eastern Conference Shaping Up?

As of December 14th,2015, the Eastern Conference is an astoundingly close conference. The 10th place Orlando Magic are Three and a half games back from the first place Cleveland Cavaliers. If you compare that to the Western Conference, the difference is remarkable. The first place Golden State Warriors are Fourteen games ahead […]

Preview of Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors

BOSTON – The Boston Celtics (12-9) are poised to take on their greatest challenge of the season so far.  This Friday they will be facing off against the currently undefeated Golden State Warriors (23-0). In this matchup, the young Celtics roster will be trying to match the ferocious offensive output of these […]

First Impression of the Boston Celtics

BOSTON – Just three years ago, the Celtics were regarded as a team that was feared by many. This team was lead by the stellar play of its “Big Three”, which included Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. However, these three players have all aged and, consequently, are past their primes. […]