Do the Packers Need to Resign Casey Hayward?



After having an exceptional rookie season, Casey Hayward has shown he’s has anything else up his sleeve. In 2012, his rookie season he had 6 INTs, a Forced Fumble, and 53 tackles. In the next 3 combined years he had only 3 INTs and 115 tackles, and his statistics aren’t the only thing deterring fans from thinking of Casey Hayward when shouting defense, Hayward doesn’t make much of a presence on the field, usually if a receiver is left wide open he was being covered by Hayward. An example of Hayward’s lackadaisical play was this past postseason when the Packers played the Cardinals in the divisional round of the playoffs. His incident occurred after Aaron Rodgers had hit Jeff Janis on a hail mary pass that tied the game after an amazing drive, and brought it into overtime. After the Cardinals won the coin toss and elected to receive they only needed two plays to win the game, one of which was a 75-yard catch and run by Larry Fitzgerald which set them up on the 5 yard line. On the 75-yard play Fitzgerald was left wide open on the left side of the field, and who had left him open you ask? Casey Hayward. Essentially, Hayward had made a big mistake which ended up helping the Cardinals to seal up a Conference championship appearance. That game really topped off the last three seasons that Hayward had with the team. I, like many other Packer fans will happy to see him go if he does, as it would just cost the Packers more to keep a player who isn’t performing well, it’s time to part ways with him.



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