MLB: The MVPs From Each Team

There are many players in Major League Baseball (MLB) that have had excellent careers, and there are also those with bright futures. One thing that many people ask is who the very best players are. One way to figure that out is to determine who the MVPs (Most Valuable Players) on each […]

The Biggest and Best Rivalry in Sports is About to Reignite

Both the Yankees and Red Sox made huge acquisitions in the offseason, and developed the players they already had. In this article I will be comparing the Yankees and Red Sox position by position giving grades and also showcasing each team’s top prospects. Starting Pitching: Yankees Rotation (Prediction): Masahiro Tanaka Michael Pineda […]

Red Sox Season Preview Part 2: Pitching

Spring training is fast approaching which means the Red Sox will finally get to see their new and improved pitching staff in action. This off-season, pitching was their number one priority. In fact, of all the major league players they acquired, all but one are pitchers. However, they did not simply acquire just […]

Red Sox Season Preview Part 1: Position Players

The Red Sox are primed for an exciting year. David Ortiz’s pending retirement is obviously not something Red Sox fans want to think about, but it may end up being a motivational factor for Papi to end his career on top. The front office went out this winter focused on getting the best […]

The Price is Right for the Red Sox

BOSTON- It was bound to happen eventually. Ever since Dave Dombrowski was signed, everyone knew his top priority was to find an ace. Every good team needs someone to lead their rotation, and David Price is among the top starting pitchers in the game. Having spent a majority of his career in […]